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What’s up with food these days?

Here are a few facts from the University of Minnesota,

As much as WellBe is a small employee health and wellbeing company, we have some lofty goals for the world. The belief that a healthy lifestyle is contagious, and that the efforts of one can impact many, are what keeps excited about the challenge. So, where does this fit into employee health and wellbeing?

It’s pretty simple really.

The one thing that you will realize the more you look at the world today is that  the Environmental, Food and Health Crises are all interconnected.

Todays food and agriculture practices represents 19% of all US energy consumption. Add this enormous fossil fuel consumption to the pollution and deforestation caused by a broken food and agricultural system designed to maximize profits at the cost of nutrition, and you’ll see a great opportunity to kill more than a few birds with one stone

A companies working environment has a direct impact on the health of its employees. You may have all the best intentions to inspire health by providing programs and initiatives to educate and inspire healthy decisions on the part of your staff, but, unless you provide them with a healthy environment to work in, your efforts will be drastically hindered.

I’m talking about your employee canteen, kitchens, snack bars and vending machines. Lets take a step back.

We are in a health crises largely due to the QUALITY of food that we eat, and not necessarily only the quantity. (I’ll save this for another article…) Highly processed, chemicalized, sugar laden, fake fat, nutritionally deficient food makes up the large part of our daily diet, and until we address this, the health battle will an impossible battle to win.

Taking a long, hard look at quality, source and preparation of the food in your company can go a long way to achieving your health and sustainability efforts.

Think about it!

Can you imagine feeding your employees healthy, fresh, nutrition bursting food sourced from your local community?

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