About Us

Making Health Improvement Easy, Engaging and Effective

Our Signature Wellness Solutions

WellBe provides customized services and solutions designed to improve the health, energy, and attitudes of its participants. We encourage people to take responsibility and an active interest in their own wellbeing.

The online/onsite services empowers them with actionable information and tools that positively influence all facets of their lives, giving them greater confidence, helping them make healthier lifestyle choices and increasing their productivity—all of which leads to improvements in corporate profits. We link your goals directly to business drivers and corporate objectives so you see tangible results.

Your Progress Reports

We keep you informed as to your progress with detailed analyses every step of the way.

You will receive a benchmarked report that explains your company’s specific health-risk profile and features metrics linking health risk directly to your bottom line. Employees provide the data. We compile, analyze and present it to you in a report that details the subsequent financial impact on your company.

Why We Make Financial Sense

Our solutions can quickly lower an individual’s health risk, helping them to remain healthy and provide your business with a fuller working employee base and a community of healthier individuals.

Our programs reduce costs related to absenteeism and reduced productivity, which means more people working and less stress on colleagues.

Our initiatives improve employee engagement, retention, employer differentiation and loyalty to your brand.

Our behavioral changes decrease medical claims and health insurance policy premiums, as well as health-related legal claims.

What does an Employer
get out of it?

The workplace has been internationally recognized as an appropriate and successful setting for health promotion, not only because of the significant proportion of time spent at work by the large majority of the population, but also because it offers an opportunity to tap into the power of peer to peer support and “Team” to encourage employees to make healthy lifestyle choices.

What drives organizations to manage and measure health and well-being?


  • The rising costs of health insurance premiums
  • The need to maximize workforce productivity in a competitive economy
  • Increase in stress related illness, and litigations
  • Retain top caliber employees
  • Organization wide benefits of a successful program
  • Build Company Culture
  • Low employee turnover
  • Increase job satisfaction
  • Decrease rising health insurance premiums and absenteeism
  • “Employer of Choice” positioning
  • Reclaim our health, and our future

What does an Employee
get out of it?

Through individually tailored programs and company wide initiatives, you will learn how to manage stress, sleep better, eat healthy and exercise smarter. Ultimately, you’ll feel better, look healthier, become injury-free, have more money in your pocket and generally live a fuller life.

Enough said…