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Work/Life Balance

According to the 2011 Work+Life Fit Reality Check survey, five out of ten full-time employees believe that their “health is affected–you’re stressed or lack time for exercise” without the ability to work flexibly. Here is a nice little article from Fast Company….. Continue reading


Apple’s Health Kit

We are so happy to see “Apple Inc” jump on the healthy employee train by providing their over worked Geniuses with weighted coffee mugs and and ergonomically correct mouse pads. Great work Apple! We need those guys in tip top shape… Continue ┬áReading


What’s up with food these days?

Here are a few facts from the University of Minnesota, As much as WellBe is a small employee health and wellbeing company, we have some lofty goals for the world. The belief that a healthy lifestyle is contagious, and that the efforts of one can impact many, are what keeps excited about the challenge. So, [...]


New Research Finds Employers Need to Rethink Their Approach to Engaging Employees and Dependents in Managing Their Health

An article from Forbes, discussing the need for a “big picture” approach to employee wellness. I believe culture is everything when trying to develop real, life long healthy behaviors. Any other ideas? Continue Reading


Is Health the Next Green?

A great article in Forbes breaking down the results from the Edelman Health Engagement Barometer 2010 study. It highlights the argument for companies to make the health of their employees and communities a part of their business strategy. Continue Reading


Motivating and Incentivizing Employees

Here is a really interesting presentation form Dan Pink at TED Global Conference July 2009. (and it’s only 18min!) A great speaker with a trio of influential bestsellers, Dan Pink has changed the way companies view the modern workplace. How does this relate to employee health and wellness? Well, motivation…… Incentivizing an employee health and [...]