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What’s up with food these days?

Here are a few facts from the University of Minnesota, As much as WellBe is a small employee health and wellbeing company, we have some lofty goals for the world. The belief that a healthy lifestyle is contagious, and that the efforts of one can impact many, are what keeps excited about the challenge. So, [...]


Food Labeling, what’s the next move?

I wanted to share this article from Good.is I don’t think anybody would disagree the fact that we honestly do not have the first idea of how to read a food label. Are they made this way to confuse us? Who knows, but there has been a lot of pressure on the FDA over the [...]


Joshua Rosenthal, The Secret To Better Health For All Americans: Why Corporate Wellness Matters

The average American spends 47 hours a week at work. Since most people spend more hours at work than they do anywhere else, improving employee health could be a key to solving our nation’s health crisis. Continue Reading