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8,789 phrases Of knowledge is brimming with nice recommendation, maxims, sayings and saws, proverbs, precepts and truths-8,789 of them, to be special. flip to any spot within the ebook and there's the key to dwelling a happier, more fit, saner, extra effective lifestyles. learn how to unlearn. enjoy the questions up to the solutions. Stretch past what's cozy. There are folksy expressions polished gentle through the years: for those who imagine you could, you could. event is the simplest instructor. prices: those that recognize do not communicate, those that communicate do not know (Lao-tzu). no matter if you are on course, you will get run over if you happen to simply take a seat there (Will Rogers). unforeseen turns: hear together with your eyes. logic comes from event and adventure comes from undesirable judgment. Taken jointly it is the final resource of self-improvement.

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I would like to thank Jennifer Griffin for her terrific editing and Peter Workman for his support and for giving me the opportunity to publish this work. To my “wise guys,” Kyle Kipfer and Keir Magoulas: Thank you for the inspiration. There is no more challenging job than raising children, and for that we all need a lot of wisdom! INTRODUCTION There are many ways to live a good life, and 8,789 Words of Wisdom is designed to help you find which ones are right for you. It is an interactive book, intended to challenge you to interpret the meaning of your life and then to act upon that new knowledge.

In many ways, the collection of wisdom here is like a poem. Each line can define a moment for you. Pick the book up and open it to any page, and you will be able to find something that appeals and applies to you. Every day can bring a new insight to your life, enabling you to take from this book what you need. Maybe you will follow the guidance of an entry just for a day, or maybe you will keep following it until it becomes a habit. Some of you will add another change the next day, and then maybe another after that.

Some of the lessons here are new; others are oldies but goodies. I hope all of them make your life happier, healthier, and better in just about every way, as they have mine. Do not disregard your mistakes Money is not meant to be served Love your work, then you will find pleasure in mastering it Appreciate the many things that make your life so valuable Act the part and you will become the part Don’t criticize others when you are angry with yourself Don’t wait for the ideal time to begin something Stay on a clear course Grab happiness in the passing moments of life Keep a stash of extra batteries Love carries great expectations Be afraid only of standing still Be yourself Love always eases pain Never underestimate the power of simple courtesy Plan your work and work your plan Never look back Panic productively Communicate in a way as to leave as little room for misunderstanding as possible Trust your instincts Don’t take life or death too seriously Converse to please others, not yourself It is harder than we remember to be a child Love all, trust a few, do wrong to none If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, it is a duck Youth’s biggest mistake is its lack of originality It takes money to make money Not everything can be made sense of Let anger die quickly Use your dictionary One who cannot tolerate small ills can never accomplish great things Know the ropes Love many things Be patient; patience can wait for anything Make decisions based on the whole picture Your eyes are the windows of your soul Your character is your destiny Trust can be destroyed faster than it can be built We are sometimes taken into troubled waters not to drown, but to be cleansed What you have been taught to believe is not as important as what you know Inspire your children to live life to the fullest In life, some things are bigger than they look from a distance Live in harmony with your beliefs and ideals Avoid blaming, praising, or comparing people Understand the difference between being at work and working Face your fears with confidence Education is the most important aspect of society Get a good night’s sleep The apple doesn’t fall far from its tree (Ralph Waldo Emerson) In every fault there is folly Help others as they help you Hang on longer than your competition Time is more important to people who do things Use your memory to make your life more enjoyable Something ordinary in the past becomes valuable in the future Throughout history, man has attempted to alter his consciousness He who hesitates is sometimes saved Actively pursue the good in all the particulars of your daily life Regularly examine your motives Whatever is worth doing at all, is worth doing well (Earl of Chesterfield) Do not pursue fame Learning consists in daily accumulating Love without expectations The best-laid plans of mice and men often go astray (Robert Burns) All questions will eventually be answered Be original Do something of your own design Realize that there is no such thing as a perfect marriage Enter into marriage knowing that it will not be perfect Do not become angry with people who do not agree with your opinion Perform acts of goodness from within Do not become what you cannot stand Believe in yourself with all your tenacity Dream big Leave nothing for tomorrow that you can do today Chop your own wood; it will warm you twice Parts of life are left to chance Most things in life are taken for granted You can never go wrong keeping your mouth shut There is no time like the present The important thing is not the triumph but the struggle Never hate the truth Enjoy what you have; let the fool hunt for more Comedy is all about timing Leave them laughing Believe in the goodness of others A person is not deceived by others, he deceives himself Put your mind in gear before you put your tongue in action You do not know you’ve learned something until after the fact Remain open, flexible, curious Visualize better days ahead Solve problems instead of making them worse Be the solution Love books Read as much as you can It isn’t what you do, it’s the way you do it Let the world come to you Don’t make commitments you don’t plan to keep Remember the lessons you’ve learned Sometimes things that hurt, teach Teaching someone to do something is like relearning it yourself The innocent bystander often gets beaten up You cannot have enough ideas Every calamity is a spur to action Worry about today before tomorrow The young should love life like the old Live each day as if it were your last When you believe in something, you become eloquent It is loving and giving that make life worth living Rear and nourish children with kindness A lover’s faults cannot bother you Mind your own business Why worry?

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