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By Stefan Teufel

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Separation of scales performs a basic function within the realizing of the dynamical behaviour of complicated platforms in physics and different ordinary sciences. A renowned instance is the Born-Oppenheimer approximation in molecular dynamics. This publication makes a speciality of a contemporary method of adiabatic perturbation conception, which emphasizes the function of potent equations of movement and the separation of the adiabatic restrict from the semiclassical restrict. an in depth advent provides an outline of the topic and makes the later chapters available additionally to readers much less acquainted with the fabric. even if the overall mathematical conception in accordance with pseudodifferential calculus is gifted intimately, there's an emphasis on concrete and suitable examples from physics. functions variety from molecular dynamics to the dynamics of electrons in a crystal and from the quantum mechanics of partly constrained structures to Dirac debris and nonrelativistic QED.

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For point nuclei Hk fails and a suitable substitute would require a generalization of the Hunziker distortion method of [KMSW]. We will be interested in subsets of the fibered spectrum of He which satisfy the local gap condition. Condition (Gap on Λ). For x ∈ Λ, let σ∗ (x) ⊂ σ(He (x)) be such that there are functions f± ∈ Cb (Λ, R) defining an interval I(x) = [f− (x), f+ (x)] such that σ∗ (x) ⊂ I(x) and inf dist I(x), σ(He (x)) \ σ∗ (x) =: g > 0. x∈Λ ⊕ As before, we set P∗ = Λ dx P∗ (x), where P∗ (x) is the spectral projection of He (x) with respect to σ∗ (x).

We remark that the idea to be developed in this chapter was applied in a variety of different physical contexts: motion of electrons in periodic potentials with a weak external electric field [HST], the dynamics of dressed electrons under the influence of a slowly varying external potential [TeSp] and the Born-Oppenheimer approximation [SpTe]. 2 of the introduction. In particular, we allow for unbounded Hamiltonians H(t) and start with a proposition concerning the nontrivial question of the existence of a unitary propagator in this case.

Subtracted. While in the time-adiabatic case we obtained the simple expression [−iε∂t , P∗ ] = −iεP˙ ∗ , now the commutator gives an analogous expression, however, with a remainder term of order O(ε2 ). 8. Let g ∈ S(Rd ) and A(·) ∈ Cbn (Rd , L(Hf )) and let g ε := g(−iε∇x ) ⊗ 1Hf . (i) If n = 1, then [ g ε , A ] = O(ε). (ii) If n ≥ 2, then [ g ε , A ] = −i ε (∇A) · (∇g)ε + O(ε2 ). ⊕ Rd Here the errors hold in the norm of L(H), ∇A = (∇g)(−iε∇x ) ⊗ 1Hf . dx ∇A(x) and (∇g)ε = Proof. Using Taylor expansion with rest we find that for n ≥ 2 1 A(x − εy) = A(x) − ε y · ∇A(x) + ε2 dη y, ∇(2) A(x − ηεy) y 0 ε Rd =: A(x) − ε y · ∇A(x) + ε2 R (x, y) , where ∇(2) A denotes the Hessian and Rε (x, y) find for ψ ∈ H that g ε A ψ (x) = ((2π)− 2 d Rd = (2π)− 2 d L(Hf ) = O(|y|2 ).

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