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By H. P. Bonzel, R. Denecke, W. Eck, A. Föhlisch, G. Held, W. Jaegermann, N. Martensson, T. Mayer, H. Over, H. P. Steinrück

ISBN-10: 3540202811

ISBN-13: 9783540202813

Surface technology is known as a comparatively younger clinical self-discipline, occupied with the actual and chemical houses of phenomena on fresh and coated strong surfaces, studied less than numerous stipulations. The adsorption of atoms and molecules on stable surfaces is, for instance, one of these , hooked up with roughly drastic alterations of all floor homes. An adsorption occasion is often saw in nature and located to be of technical value in lots of commercial methods. hence, floor technological know-how is interdisciplinary through its very nature, and as such a big middleman among basic and utilized research.

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52 ML subs. 2 Adsorption of C, N, and O on metal surfaces [Ref. p. 55 substrate structure Me-O stretch vibration [meV] adsorption site Ref. Pt(111) (2×2)1O (2×2)3O “oxide” low cov. 58 (perp. 4 95 70 89P1, 82S3 89P1 80G1 97W2, 98F1 low cov. 5, 49 60 (theory) oxide on-top octahedral 93A1 Landolt-Börnstein New Series III/42A4 Ref. p. 6 Local atomic oxygen-metal geometry Table 6. The O-metal bond length and other structural characteristics. 07 MR reconstruction analog to Cu(110)-c(6×2) every 2nd row missing subsurface induced reconstruction.

Heat of Adsorption. 42 ML 88 Remarks/Method Ref. 0 TDS, desorption at 580 K, isothermal desorption: νd = 2×107 s-1 νd = 2×108 s-1 νd = 2×108 - 2×1010 s-1 TDS, νd =5×1011 s-1 TDS, νd = 1011 s-1 TDS, νd = 107 s-1 TDS, νd = 107 s-1 87H1 87G1 92C1 93K1 92L1 98S6 93B3 97J1 97J1 97J1 Re(0001) 487 Ru(10 1 0) 120 TDS Ru(0001) TDS TDS TDS initial 184 190 112-120 575 poly-W initial 397 51B1 W(110) (2×2)N 648 71T1 poly-Ta 90H1 97D2 93S4 93R1 50B1 Landolt-Börnstein New Series III/42A4 Ref. p. 3 Nitrogen-metal bond strength (ab initio calculations) Table 11.

Is constant 473 K sticking coeff. 32 eV. 2 Adsorption of C, N, and O on metal surfaces Coverage Ref. p. 95 a), b), c), f) Rh(111) Rh(100) Method Ref. 05 350 K e); direct molecular chemisorption Mol. beam, precursor mediated Mol. beam, precursor mediated TDS, XPS TDS, XPS Mol. beam Mol. beam Mol. beam, precursor mediated 300 K mechanism ambiguous stick. coeff. constant and decreases then rapidly (T = 353 K) 125 K sample temperature 258 K, 573 K sample temp. 5 ML 110 K - 150 K 300 K 100 K; stick.

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Adsorbed Layers on surfaces by H. P. Bonzel, R. Denecke, W. Eck, A. Föhlisch, G. Held, W. Jaegermann, N. Martensson, T. Mayer, H. Over, H. P. Steinrück

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