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Even though tracing systems individually use small amounts of steam, remember the sheer numbers of lines that may be involved. Condensate Manifolds Condensate manifolds (Fig. 45b) are also very useful in any typical plant that uses tracing. The condensate manifold itself locates traps and tracers in a small given area. The condensate from the tracer lines is usually very high quality condensate and should be collected and returned to the boiler. There is normally no cross contamination of product fluids to tracer lines.

3. The Temperature Of The Condensate. The capacity of a trap should never be based on the amount of cold water the trap will pass at any given differential pressure. Condensate in a steam trap is usually at a temperature above atmospheric boiling point. When the condensate is passing through the valve seat of the trap, its pressure is quickly reduced and a certain amount of flash Steam Tracing steam is generated. This flash steam tends to choke the discharge orifice, reducing its effective area.

Process Fluid Tracer Tubing Stainless Wire (Wrapped) Process (Critical) Tracing Typically, process fluids are already at as high a temperature as desired. They have passed through heat exchange equipment and absorbed as much heat as necessary to keep the viscosity to a level that they flow smoothly through the piping. Tracing is installed running along the fluid lines mainly to keep the Process Fluid Tracer Tubing Insulation Process Fluid Steam Tracer 45 Steam Tracing Figure 38 Figure 39 Tracer Using Heat Transfer Paste Welded Steam Tracer Pipe Insulation Process Fluid Heat Transfer Paste Tracer Tube Insulation Process Fluid Heat Transfer Paste Tracer Tube Another popular method of tracing is the use of jacketed pipe (Fig.

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