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INTRODUCTION 13 We focus on specific programme proposals within broader interpretative strands of quantum formalism, thus the case-study characterisation. These are admittedly not the proper case-studies of social sciences, but the use of that term highlights our narrow focus on specific programmes rather than broad interpretations. This is because the ontological commitments and the formalism modifications can be sufficiently diverse within the interpretations to render our stated aims difficult to achieve within a scope of a single volume.

Finally, there appears to be an inherent randomness in Chapter 1: REALISM, NAÏVETÉ AND PHILOSOPHY 27 the evolution of causal processes threatening the account of singular causality. What we effectively have is the abstract mathematical formalism that expresses general laws and principles such that they cannot be taken as representing physical processes visualizable in spatial-temporal terms. How primary qualities got us where we are today Let us review the outlines of the role historically played by space and primary qualities (susceptible to mechanical treatment) in development of scientific explanations.

Our transcendental strategy, to be introduced in section 1. 4 below, explicitly requires that we look into the commitments that stand behind (as a ‘backing’ of ) the concepts we employ even in everyday communication. In general it might be assumed, though, that through focus on ontological features of explanations we are giving precedence to a particular type of explanation, and with it a general scientific world-view, and thus prejudicing the question to be settled through a more detailed consideration of the case-study instances of quantum theories below.

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