Jim Ferguson's All Blues For Jazz Guitar - Comping Styles,Chords & Grooves PDF

By Jim Ferguson

Destined to develop into a vintage, this e-book is the typical results of not just years of enjoying jazz guitar but in addition of the author's lengthy institutions with many leading edge jazz guitarists. This complete advisor is without doubt one of the first jazz the way to concentration totally at the blues idiom and its contribution to jazz improvisation. it's designed that will help you play authoritatively in a vast spectrum of jazz guitar settings from immense band to small mixtures to a solo context. This publication is split into four sections which addresses 12-bar blues progressions, 3-note Freddie Green-type chords, shuffles, swing riff comping, chord scales, linear bebop comping, modal innovations, triads over bass notes and a wealth of chord voicings and inversions. comprises over a hundred and ten tune examples, forty five entire 12-bar choruses, and a CD with 30 tracks. It additionally bargains a worthwhile thesaurus of jazz terminology. Written in ordinary notation and tablature.

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