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48 LONGITUDINAL STATIC STABILITY Substituting eqn. e. Writing °2 ^-('-ί&Μ»-^ and <510) ' ' - " ( ' - ^ · (511 · · — ( ' - ^ ) · (512) > eqn. 13) CLT = älaT + ä3ß. äi and ä3 may be regarded as modified values of a1 and a3i taking into account the freely floating elevator. It should be noted that with normal values of the various coefficients, ä3 is negative. In other words, if the tab is given a positive displacement δβ with the elevator floating freely, the increment in tail lift coefficient α3δβ is numerically less than the decrease (a2b3lb2)oß caused by the elevator deflection which results in order to keep CH = 0.

Elevator angles-to-trim as a function of lift coefficient. 3) It also follows from eqn. e. 4) Hence if "trim curves" such as Fig. 3 are drawn for different values of Kn their slopes will be proportional to Kn and they will pass through the same point when extrapolated to CL = 0. This feature of trim curves is often of practical value when plotting results obtained from flight tests. (See Fig. ) 56 LONGITUDINAL STATIC STABILITY In the foregoing theory, it has been assumed that the tab angle ß is constant.

6) l„ being the distance between the stick-fixed neutral point and the aerodynamic centre of the tail. As mentioned in the previous chapter, F is frequently neglected. g. g. margin" and, as explained in Chapter 4, is equal to the stick-fixed static margin under the conditions of this analysis. Stick-free Stability In this case, the static margin is to be found subject to the condition that CH = 0 and ß is constant. From eqn. 35) the elevator hinge moment coefficient is CH = b1aT + b2r\ + b2ß. If CH = 0, , _ _ ( ί ϋ ^ ) .

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