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This quantity includes ten lectures awarded within the sequence ULB Lectures in Nonlinear Optics on the Universite Libre de Bruxelles throughout the interval October 28 to November four, 1991. a wide a part of the 1st six lectures is taken from fabric ready for a booklet of a little greater scope on the way to be published,by Springer less than the identify Quantum Statistical equipment in Quantum Optics. The crucial cause of the early ebook of the current quantity issues the fabric inside the final 4 lectures. the following i've got prepare, in a roughly systematic approach, a few rules in regards to the use of stochastic wavefunctions within the concept of open quantum optical platforms. those principles have been constructed with the aid of of my scholars, Murray Wolinsky and Liguang Tian, over a interval of roughly years. they're equipped on a starting place laid down in a paper written with Surendra Singh, Reeta Vyas, and Perry Rice on waiting-time distributions and wavefunction cave in in resonance fluorescence [Phys. Rev. A, 39, 1200 (1989)]. The ULB lecture notes comprise my first critical atte~pt to offer an entire account of the tips and their strength functions. i'm thankful to Professor Paul Mandel who, via his invitation to provide the lectures, prompted me to prepare anything helpful out of labor which can, differently, have waited significantly longer to be introduced jointly.

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104) λ where ψλ (x) are the orthonormal eigenstates of a single-particle Hamiltonian. Instead of characterizing the quantum statistics of a collection of fermions in terms of the antisymmetry of their state vectors, which as we have seen is a bit messy or at least requires a substantial amount of indices-writing, it is now taken care of by the simple anti-commutation relations for the creation and annihilation operators. The price paid for this enormous simplification is of course that the operators now are operators on a super-space, the multi-particle space.

The combinatorics, works for any set of one-particle states, say labeled by μ, so that corresponding to the one-particle operator |μ2 μ1 | corresponds the operator F (1) in the multi-particle space F (1) = a†μ2 aμ1 . 12) λ,λ and by linearity the corresponding operator F (1) in the multi-particle space is thus λ|fˆ(1) |λ a†λ aλ . 13) λ,λ We note that if fˆ(1) is hermitian in the one-particle state space, as is F (1) in the multi-particle state space. The total momentum operator P in the multi-particle space is thus P = dp p a†p ap = dx ψ † (x) i ∇x ψ(x) expressed in either the momentum or position representation of the field.

21) p where p = p2 /2m is the kinetic energy of the free particle with momentum p. The sum over momenta occurs, one momentum state per momentum volume Δp = (2π )3 /V in three dimensions, as the particles are assumed enclosed in a box of volume V . 2. 3. e. 22) where pF is the Fermi momentum, the radius of the sphere of occupied momentum states (in three dimensions pF = (3π 2 n)1/3 , where n = N/V is the density of the electrons). 4. Show that the vacuum state is non-degenerate and uniquely characterized by all the eigenvalues of the state number operators np being zero.

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