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This separation can be eliminated by adopting a common basis for the normalizing parameter used to compare the data sets, for example by using NDT as the normalizing parameter for all data points (44). No clear explanation of these behaviors exists, since tests used to determine NDT and T KV are fundamentally different in character. • Out-or-plane constraint and shallow flaw Recent investigations (50) conclude that out-of-plane loading has no effect on in-plane stresses at the crack tip, but does influence the width of the crack-tip plastic zone in the direction of crack propagation.

At still higher temperatures, brittle fractures are no longer possible, and all fracturing occurs in shear. The temperature point of fully ductile tearing is defined as the fracture transition plastic (FTP) . • Crack-arrest tests These are characterized by a "forced" initiation of fracture and by a propagation under defined levels of elastic stress. 13 Illustrations of plates tested at various temperatures by the explosionbulge method, and their relation to type of fracture in tests on the same material by drop· weight testing and by tension testing.

1. The dependency between KIC and temperature is defined through the set of experimental results that are the basis of the various correlations between T K28 and T KIC' This relation can be expressed by an analytical formula, as follows: K IC = 25 + 75 exp (L'l T / 60), where K IC is expressed in MParm, L'l T is the difference between the temperature at which K IC corresponds respectively to a given value and 100 MParm. By the same method, it is also considered that the Charpy V absorbed·energy KV and the K lc value are linked by the following relation for KV < 80 J: KV = (Klc / 19?

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