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Generally remoted from mainstream eu affairs, in 1914 the Dutch had no significant allegiances that certain them to anybody facet of the clash. Geographically and economically stuck among of the key belligerents, nice Britain and Germany, the Netherlands used to be continually prone to assault from each side.

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Execution Intent a. Concept of the operation (1) Maneuver 2 2-16 2 OPERATION ORDER (2) Fires b. Tasks to maneuver units c. Tasks to combat support units d. Coordinating instructions (1) Time schedule (2) PIR 2 2-17 2 OPERATION ORDER 4. Service Support: a. General: 5. Command and Signal a. Command: b. Signal: 2 2-18 2 FRAGMENTARY ORDER (FRAGO provides changes to an existing order. Address only elements that have changed) Reference Task organization 1. Situation 2. Mission 3. Execution 4. Service Support 5.

On-order mission for platoon/squad ____________________________________ ____________________________________ 11. Position and mission of units on flanks ______________________________ ____________________________________ ____________________________________ 12. Position and mission of units in the rear ________________________________ ____________________________________ ____________________________________ 5 5-4 5 COORDINATION CHECKLIST STEP ITEM 1 Location of leaders 5 2 Location of primary, alternate, & supplementary positions 3 Sectors of fire of machine guns, anti-armor weapons & subunits 4 Route to alternate & supplementary positions 5 Location of dead space between platoons & squads & how to cover it 6 Location of OPs & withdrawal routes back to the platoon or squad position 7 Location & types of obstacles & how to cover them 5-5 5 COORDINATION CHECKLIST STEP 5 ITEM 8 Patrols - size, type, times of departure & return & routes 9 Fire support planned 10 Location, activities & passage plan for scouts & other units forward of platoon position 11 Signals for fire/cease fire & any emergency signals 12 Engagement & disengagement criteria 13 Location of coordination points 5-6 5 ESTABLISH OBSERVATION POST ITEM ACTION 1 Select site - cover & concealment Overlapping sectors 2 Designate OP security & secure reporting procedures Establish withdrawal plan with procedures & routes Prepare to call for/adjust 3 indirect fire; use binos/ NODs; navigation tools & commo equipment 5 4 Conduct surveillance - name observer, recorder & security Search, identify & report personnel, vehicles, etc.


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