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By Martha T. Roth

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Assyrian Dictionary of the Oriental Institute of the college of Chicago, quantity thirteen, Q edited through Martha T Roth xxiv + 332p (Oriental Institute, 1982)

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Bar2A v. referring to minor temples or chapels within the gabra Ekur complex. For CT 38 31:21f. and CT 40 1:12f. see JapruB. AL) = §U = raggi[mu] Hg. B VI 134, in MSL 12 226. a) gabri: amlala iten Sab-ru-u ~a ina Sat mili u[tuluma inattalu§utta] iggeltima tabrit mii a DN [ulabrdu uSann jdti] yesterday an interpreter of dreams who was having a dream while he was asleep during the middle of the night awakened and reported to me the nocturnal vision that IMtar of Arbela caused him to see Streck Asb.

Li-is-bu-su-4u-ma Sumer 23 55 iv 11 (Merodachbaladan I). Ugaritica 5 163 ii 17, see von So- den, UF 1 193, also (said of IStar angry at Saltu) atti lu ga-ab-sa-at la takan nu~ili angry though she be, do not submit 2' with kiSddu as object: 8ama§ Sa igtu umi ma'diti itti mat Akkadi ikmelu is-bu-su ki-gad-su ina pale RN §ar Bdbili salima irfima usahhirapani u who many a day ago had become angered (and) had turned his back (lit. neck) in anger on Babylonia, in the reign of Nabi-aplaiddina, king of Babylon, relented and to her VAS 10 214 vi 42 (OB Agugaja); amelu mamma eliu sa-bu-us ...

Hofstaat. During the Ur III period the position of the 8 a bra in the temple households is just below that of the sanga, see during the OB period see Renger, ZA 59 119 § 141). AL DN Shalmaneser (III), administrator of the god Aggur Iraq 14 67 ND 1128 (translit. , ukal, from (w)aklu, see aklu A usage b-l'. J. P. Gr6goire Archives administratives sum6riennes 130ff. ; Hallo, JNES 31 91 and n. 22; M. ; Renger, ZA 58 157 n. 327, 164 and n. 382, 170 and n. 429; Salonen Agricultura 33, also 290f. ; interpreter of dreams; SB; cf.

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