ATARI BASIC Learning by Using by Thomas C. Rowley PDF

By Thomas C. Rowley

ISBN-10: 0936200359

ISBN-13: 9780936200354

ISBN-10: 392168286X

ISBN-13: 9783921682869

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In line 1090 the point is plotted on the screen. 8 SCREEN 1045 CHAR$="WHERE:":PX=I:PV=5 1046 GOSUB GR8CHAR 1047 CHAR$="WHERE:":PX=I:PV=12:GOSUB GR8CHAR 1048 CHAR$="M= SLOPE":PX=I:PV=19 1049 GOSUB GR8CHAR 1051 GOSUB GR8CHAR 1052 CHAR$="AND X=-80 TO 80":PX=I:PV=35 1053 GOSUB GR8CHAR 1054 CHAR$="X-AXIS":PX=30:PV=74:GOSUB GR8CHAR 1055 PLOT 100,80 :DRAWTO 220,80 1056 CHAR$=V-AXIS":PX=17:PV=10:GOSUB GR8CHAR 1058 REM DRAW X AND V AXIS 1059 PLOY 100,80:DRAWTO 220,80 1060 PLOT 160,20:DRAWTO 160,140 1065 REM ENTER SLOPE AND INTERCEPT 1070 ?

SLOT MACHINE," a game of luck, puts 3 colored players on a GRAPHICS 0 screen. Make a note of how Graphics, Sound and Special Features can be used together. As you complete this section, you are ready to let your creativity do it's thing. If you can imagine it, you can do it. 42 Duel Use the joystick to duel with an opponent. Eat up your opponents squares faster than yours are eaten and you win. This game takes two players. Put the joysticks into the first two jacks. 1~ 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 2~ 21 22 23 25 27 REM A GAME OF DUEL REM GAME LENGTH GRAPHICS ~:POSITION 4,5 ?

Likewise, when address 19 exceeds 255, it returns to 0 and a 1 is added to address 18. 54 Try this routine. 10 PRINT PEEK(18), PEEK(19), PEEK(20) 20 GOTO 10 Now translate these to a single decimal number. The time will be in 60ths of a second. 10 PRINT PEEK(18)*256*256+PEEK(10)*256+PEEK(20) 20 GOTO 10 Can you make the time print in seconds? Try this to RESET the CLOCK to O.

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