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By William Herbert

If the extreme person, who styled himself now not unjustly the scourge of God and terror of the area, had by no means existed, the historical past of the Huns might were little or no extra attention-grabbing to us at this time epoch, than that of the Gepidae, or Alans, or any of the manager countries that have been assembled below his banner; however the immensity of the exploits, and the nonetheless higher pretensions of that memorable warrior, render it a question of curiosity to understand the origins of his strength, and the very beginnings from which his countrymen had arisen, to threaten the subjugation of the civilized global, and the extirpation of the Christian faith. There has most likely existed, ahead of or because the time of Attila, yet another potentate, who, in his short occupation, handed like a meteor over Europe, increase an empire, that used to be maintained via his own features, and crumbled to atoms the instant he was once withdrawn from it, leaving, although, outcomes of which it really is tricky to calculate the level or termination…

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155L). The institution, in as far as it is deWned, is conceived by the antiquarians in terms of the rights and duties of groups of people. 77 Under the year 171 bc Livy mentions among embassies to the Senate ‘alia noui generis hominum ex Hispania legatio’ (‘another embassy from a new class of men from Hispania’): it is from the sons of Roman soldiers and Spanish women, born to a relationship without conubium (the right to contract a legally valid marriage with a Roman citizen), but now seeking from the Senate a extent of their munia and immunitas in both the Roman state and the home community, were also matters of interest, tension, and debate into the Principate.

The third deWnition here gives the Cumani, Acerrani, and Atellani as examples, but the type itself (immigrants to Rome become municipes) has no overlap with what Festus in his lemma took from Aelius Gallus or from ‘Servius Wlius’; it corresponds instead with Paulus’ Wrst deWnition of municipium (below), where we have migration to Rome, exclusion from magistracy, and the undertaking of a pars (part) of the munus (again in the singular). 97 If so, we have to reckon with the possibility that the closing part of Paulus’ deWnition here should not after all be used to supply the lacuna in Festus’ deWnition; besides, Paulus’ normal practice, if it deviates from reasonably faithful reproduction, is to omit, not to insert.

NA 16. 13. 6–9)100 Municipes then are Roman citizens from municipia who use their own laws and their own authority, and who share the duty together with the Roman people only in an honorary sense, from the undertaking of which duty they seem to be named, bound by no other demands nor by any law of the Roman people, unless that to which their populus has become fundus. (7) And indeed we learn that the Wrst to be created municipes, without the right to vote, were the Caerites, and that they were allowed actually to take the distinction of the Roman citizenship, but, however, to be free of its engagements and burdens, in recompense for having received and guarded the sacra during the Gallic war.

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