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By Leo Hartong, Tony Parsons

ISBN-10: 0954779215

ISBN-13: 9780954779214

Awakening to the dream is a truly transparent, approachable evaluate of the customarily complicated and rarefied philosophy of Advaita Vedanta, sometimes called non-dualism.

Essentially, this can be a booklet approximately you. It issues to and from the resource of your real identification. The transparent because it refers to is neither complicated nor easy. it's not whatever specific for highbrow or religious elite, neither is it distant or hiding sooner or later. it's all inclusive, natural presence, nearer than your breath. it's the middle of hearts, your birthright and innermost self. this is often your invitation to recollect what used to be by no means particularly forgotten.

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New PDF release: Awakening to the Dream: The gift of lucid living

Awakening to the Dream talks concerning the present of lucid dwelling, shock of re-cognising the secret of our collective and real identification, and approximately re-membering the treasure trove inside of.

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This should qualify him for a cosmic promotion. God, or whatever name one has for the ultimate, is expected to reward these efforts; either through revealing him/herself or by bestowing his/her grace upon the seeker in the form of a grand and final ‘happening’ that reveals the truth. This revelation supposedly is, or will result in the attainment of, enlightenment. Enlightenment, in this scenario, is seen as a most desirable state. It should, once and for all, get rid of life’s problems and transform the seeker’s personality, resulting in pure thoughts, right action, radiant love, and a condition of eternal bliss.

By clearly understanding that this whole ego business is a juggling of incompatible ideas and self-contradictory concepts, it can vanish like a morning mist, revealing the rising sun. From this insight one may come to the understanding that what was said from the beginning is true: The ego is an illusion. In fact, no one has ever seen or been able to produce a shred of solid evidence supporting the existence such an entity. Of course, not being able to prove something does not automatically disprove it.

It is all of this, and at the same time, it is beyond all this. It is the container and perceiver, the creator and destroyer of all. It is as it is, including the idea that there is understanding here and the idea of a ‘me’ not understanding it. As a Zen text states: If you understand, things are just as they are. If you do not understand, things are just as they are. pmd 33 15-5-2003, 20:05 If this is clear, just throw away the book, use it for kindling, or give it to a friend. If not, let us see if there is a way to progress to understanding or, perhaps surprisingly, to the realization that the very belief in a progressive path may be an obstacle to understanding.

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