Basic Alarm Electronics. Toolbox Guides for Security by John Sanger PDF

By John Sanger

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ISBN-13: 9780409900378

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For example, if your goal is to sharpen your pencil, then several activities are required. You must pick up the pencil, walk to the pencil sharpener, insert the pencil, turn the handle, remove the pencil, and return to your desk. That is a simplistic example, but it gives you an idea of the PERT process. Figure 3 - 1 2 shows one segment of a PERT chart. Circles represent events. The arrow between two events represents an activity. Events are physical or intellectual accomplishments and do not consume time or resources.

You cannot tell how much voltage is available at the + and terminals from this diagram. The output voltage depends on the value of the components used. LV& Figure 3-4. A power supply may be drawn schematically to show the kinds of components needed in the electronic circuit. Schematics, Other Diagrams, and More Symbols * I c f - /OO **"<ΛΟ/^/ΙHAP 37 3& V DC C^ΛΚ) ert-£CTF*OL vrvc - 5 0 vr>c Figure 3-5. Alphanumeric designators may be added to schematic draw­ ings. The diagram shown in Figure 3 - 5 is similar to the one in Figure 3 4, except that alphanumeric designators have been added.

Schematic symbology is similar to these word-related examples. Once you have reference points for symbols, you will understand their meanings. Symbology is written communication. You cannot speak a symbol in the same way you can a word. But symbols, alone and in groups, let us convey complex thoughts simply and easily. SIMPLE CIRCUITS Symbols for common electronic components are included in the pre­ vious chapter. You will be introduced to a few more symbols in this chapter to help you understand how schematic drawings are read and drawn.

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