New PDF release: Beginning DirectX 9 (Game Development Series)

By Wendy Jones

ISBN-10: 1592003494

ISBN-13: 9781592003495

This publication is terrible. The code is outmoded and more often than not it does not paintings. I needed to purchase it for a category and it used to be a nightmare. that allows you to study DirectX your at an advantage looking out the net. i'd write extra, yet i do not are looking to waist anymore time in this ebook that I have already got.

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Lib. ■ ■ note Many image formats are used in game development today. Some companies use common formats such as bitmap or Targa, whereas others create their own proprietary formats to protect their art assets. Rarely are games released with images that are editable by the end user. The function D3DXLoadSurfaceFromFile performs the loading of a source bitmap into an offscreen surface. The D3DXLoadSurfaceFromFile function is defined as follows: HRESULT D3DXLoadSurfaceFromFile( LPDIRECT3DSURFACE9 pDestSurface, CONST PALETTEENTRY* pDestPalette, CONST RECT* pDestRect, LPCTSTR pSrcFile, CONST RECT* pSrcRect, DWORD Filter, D3DCOLOR ColorKey, D3DXIMAGE_INFO* pSrcInfo ); D3DXLoadSurfaceFromFile takes ■ ■ ■ pDestSurface.

Multiple macros are available that can be used to specify this value, such as D3DCOLOR_XRGB. The Z parameter is the value to store in the depth buffer. 0f. I’ll go into more detail on the Z buffer later. The Stencil parameter holds the value to store in the stencil buffer. When the Stencil buffer is not in use, the value should be 0. Displaying the Scene Now that you’ve cleared the frame, it’s time to display it to the screen. Direct3D uses the Present function to do this. The Present function performs the page flipping of the back buffer.

Because I’m assuming only one adapter right now, the value of D3DADAPTER_DEFAULT, which means the primary video adapter, should be passed. The second parameter, Flags, represents the WHQLLevel of the driver. The third and final parameter is a pointer to a D3DADAPTER_IDENTIFIER9 structure. This structure gets filled with the information that is returned from the display adapter. 29 30 Chapter 2 ■ Your First DirectX Program The D3DADAPTER_IDENTIFIER9 structure provides the following information: typedef struct _D3DADAPTER_IDENTIFIER9 { // the name of the driver char Driver[MAX_DEVICE_IDENTIFIER_STRING]; // a textual description of the device char Description[MAX_DEVICE_IDENTIFIER_STRING]; // a short text version of the device name char DeviceName[32]; // the version of the driver installed LARGE_INTEGER DriverVersion; // This value holds the bottom 32 bits of the driver version DWORD DriverVersionLowPart; // This value holds the upper 32 bits of the driver version DWORD DriverVersionHighPart; // the ID of the manufacturer DWORD VendorId; // the ID of the particular device DWORD DeviceId; // the second part of the device ID DWORD SubSysId; // the revision level of the device chipset DWORD Revision; // a unique identifier for the device GUID DeviceIdentifier; // the level of testing that this driver has gone through DWORD WHQLLevel; } D3DADAPTER_IDENTIFIER9; This structure holds all the specific data concerning the adapter and the device driver that’s installed.

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