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Htm received these has food and he has drink and clothing. I find fault with the others who say that it will not rise. Then both of them are at fault. You say that the flesh will not rise. But tell me what will rise, that we may honour you. You say the Spirit in the flesh, and it is also this light in the flesh. In this world those who put on garments are better than the garments. In the Kingdom of Heaven the garments are better than those that put them on. It is through water and fire that the whole place is purified - the visible by the visible, the hidden by the hidden.

The mysteries of truth are revealed, though in type and image. The veil at first concealed how God controlled the creation, but when the veil is rent and the things inside are revealed, this house will be left desolate, or rather - it will be destroyed. If some belong to the order of the priesthood, they will be able to go within the veil with the high priest. For this reason the veil was not rent at the top only since it would have been revealed only to those below. Those above opened to us who are below, in order that we may go into the secret of truth.

If he again becomes complete and attains his former self, death will be no more. My God, my God, why, O Lord, have you forsaken me? It was on the cross that he said these words, for it was there he was divided. htm Everyone who has been begotten through him who destroys did not emanate from God. The Lord rose from the dead. He became as he used to be, but now his body was perfect. He did indeed possess flesh, but this flesh is true flesh. Our flesh is not true, but we only possess an image of that which is true.

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