R.J. Salter's Highway Design and Construction PDF

By R.J. Salter

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4) Frequently samples are taken from around the augers of a paver using a size2 shovel, fitted if necessary with a long handle. Two increments are to be taken from each side of the paver from any position below the augers or from the extension boxes where the material is easily available. Samples should only be taken when the augers are fully charged with material. {5) The final method of sampling is from newly laid material that has not as yet been rolled. It is not a recommended method of sampling wearing-course material because of the disturbance to the finished surface, nor should it be used when the difference between the layer thickness and the nominal material size is less than 20 mm.

Most industrial countries have large deposits of waste materials and in certain circumstances they can be stabilised with cement to give a useful alternative to conventional materials. Sherwood and Pocock 1 2 have investigated the performance of the following types of waste material found in the United Kingdom: chalk, pulverised fuel ash, colliery shale, spent oil shale and quarry waste. Chalk represents 15 per cent of the major geological formations of the United Kingdom occurring mainly in the South of England.

This is referred to as a bulk sample and is taken from a mass of material that the bulk sample is considered to represent. The bulk sample is composed of one or more increments, which is material taken in a single operation. The minimum mass of a bulk sample depends upon the grading of the material being sampled: where the nominal size is larger than 20 mm the minimum mass is specified in BS 598 to be 24 kg, and where the nominal size is 20 mm or smaller (with the exception of mastic asphalt) the minimum mass is specified to be 16 kg.

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