Implement and Track

We install and execute strategically devised health solutions, campaigns and initiatives for your employees and organization as a whole. These are designed to target areas of change, taking into account budgets, needs and company culture.

Go Local : A Unique Social Wellness Initiative

Your company, a local food champion!

We are tackling the nutrition quandary in a whole new and unique way.

The Go Local Corporate Initiative is an 8-week program that utilizes healthy programming and the LocalSqr App to connect your employees with their local farmers markets and local producers. (iPhone only, other platforms available soon!)

We drive healthy programming to your employees through our “Healthy Bootcamp” email campaign. It’s designed to engage and educate your employees on how to maintain healthy nutrition by getting them back into the kitchen and cooking healthy, nutritious family meals.

We don’t micro-manage nutrition, we simply help employees reclaim the skills for selecting and preparing healthy, nutritious food.

To learn more, open the Go Local” corporate PDF here.


Lifestyle Management Programs & Targeted Risk Assessments

The WellBe vielife health assessment will generate interactive and motivational health promotion programs that will empower employees to make simple, sustainable lifestyle changes.

These are in the form of lifestyle management programs, targeted risk assessments and campaigns tackling:

  • Stress
  • Sleep
  • Physical Activity
  • Nutrition
  • Smoking Cessation
  • Weight Management
  • Energy and Performance
  • and more..




City Athlete is our sister company based in New York City, and provides some of the best fitness classes and after school programs the city has to offer.

Corporate City Athlete takes all this great experience and knowledge and makes it available for company based fitness classes and charity sports training.

Incorporating exercise and health based charity events into a company’s wellness programming has multiple benefits:

  • Obvious health benefits of participation in program
  • Raising money for worthwhile charities
  • The feel good incentive for employees of raising money for a good cause
  • Corporate team building throughout training, build up and participation in events
  • Corporate presence at charity event, building public image
  • Goes a long way to building a positive corporate culture

City Athlete Coaches will provide training and clinics on fitness, nutrition, gear and injury prevention for an array of different sports based charity events. There is something for everybody!

Learn more about City Athlete here


WellBe Community (Coming Soon!)

WellBe Community is a managed secure social network for employees to learn, connect, motivate and inspire each other to a healthy future.

We use the power of community, peer-to-peer support, friendly competition and education to help your employees lead a healthier lifestyle, and ultimately, build an employee driven healthy workplace culture.

The community is a Software as a Service (SaaS) product, managed by our team of WellBe Coaches guiding and motivating you every step of the way. The platform remains on our servers, making implementation and scaling to your entire employee population simple. It is also re-branded to match your company corporate look and feel, so it will mesh seamlessly with your existing wellness programming.

The community becomes YOUR Community.

Your employees can:

  • Track their healthy efforts.
  • Challenge and compete with colleagues, individually or in teams.
  • Learn how to manage their lifestyle.
  • Find workouts and information specific to their needs.
  • Connect with like minded colleagues, regardless of whether they are a newbie or an athlete.
  • Stay in touch with company sports teams, organizations and events.

The community also acts as an education platform. We develop a curriculum tailored for your employees needs, and deliver this through online Sprint Workshops and Lifestyle Management Programs.